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Friends Working Out
An upbeat exercise session focused on maintaining bone strength and preventing falls.  

You will receive targeted tuition with plenty of individual feedback where possible.

Tick off all the guidelines in one complete session including posture, reaction time, impact training, mobility, flexibility and strength.

This is a great session for those who are seeking supplementary tuition to go hand-in-hand with your weight-lifting.  You will learn good form!

Essential props

Resistance-band, chair,

exercise mat

or carpeted floor,

a wall or ledge


Head cushion, Ankle-weights,

Hand-weights (or creative equivalent)

Example Schedule only

All Schedules are in GMT / BST  

What times are these in my time zone? 


Some session prices vary depending on the number of participants signed up.


Some sessions have limited numbers in order to ensure

Francine can have eyes on your technique.  


Individual attention in a group setting.

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Schedules will be sent to you when you sign up.



Francine is able to tailor sessions and courses to suit your groups bespoke needs.
Do you have a community or private health group you would like to benefit from exercise for osteoporosis?
Do you need a class scheduled at a specific day or time?
Would you like some themed workshops?
Start the conversation today and call on +44 7980 497 989 or click here to get in touch.



Mobile sign up



Need or prefer one-to-one attention
No problem!  
Your session can be tailored to suit you.
Francine offers a variety of services due to her large skill-set.
Many people trial a group session first and enquire from there.
Call today on +44 7980 497 989 or click here to get in touch.
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