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Should I exercise with or without music?


It's completely up to you.

Some experts suggest that you will lose focus when exercising to music or try to move in time with the music.  This can raise an issue if sticking to a particular pace is not the purpose of an exercise.  It often isn't the purpose in exercise for osteoporosis classes since the focus is on completing the exercise safely and effectively, not as fast as you can!

Having said this, music is a great motivator and spirit lifter.  You may be the type of person more inclined to take part with background music alongside instruction.  

My advice if you are using music:  

  • Volume check - Make sure you can hear all the instructions.

  • Choose music tempo appropriate for the activity.  Speedy tunes may subconsciously cause you to speed up, increasing the risk of a fall and fracture.  When doing more mindful slow-paced exercises, slower music may serve you better.

  • Here is a general playlist of tunes.  By all means choose slower tunes but this is the fastest I would go:  PLAYLIST

Space and equipment for home-based online sessions:  

What do I need and what can I do without?


Most sessions do require the following:

  • A 2m/sq trip free space

  • A safe chair or lower level to sit and lean on.

  • A sturdy wall or ledge

  • An exercise mat or comfy carpeted floorspace

  • A resistance-band. One or various strengths.

    • Examples here.  Use code .... for 10% discount UK orders.

  • Head cushion or fold-up towel

    • Pilates head cushion example here.  Use code .... for 10% discount UK orders.

  • Cushions or a squeezy ball to go between the knees

  • A tennis ball or equivalent size.  You can also use a screwed up piece of paper to throw and catch.

Optional extras can be used to enhance your workout:

  • Ankle / wrist weight (pair)

    • Examples here.  Use code .... for 10% discount UK orders.

    • Hand weights (pair)

      • Examples here.  Use code .... for 10% discount UK orders.

  • Yoga / Pilates blocks or good old-fashioned books to raise the floor level.  

    • Example here.  Use code .... for 10% discount UK orders.

Do you have any advice about hydration before, during and after I exercise?

Being dehydrated can reduce your exercise performance.  Be sure to start exercise hydrated.  Thirst is a delayed reaction to hydration so pre-empt that.  Drink 500ml a couple of hours up until exercising - fill a pint of water and get through it.  Sip water throughout your session.  If you sweat a lot you'll want to drink a lot after the session.  Essentially you need to replace the fluids you lost.


It's good to drink water but you can drink any clear fluids if it's easier for you.


If you want to use caffeine to improve your alertness that's fine as it will enhance your performance while exercising but remember it's a diuretic so you will need a little more water to counter that.

How do I know if these exercise sessions are for me?
Concerned if they will suit your appetite?  Try!  A small investment of your time will give you your answer.
Concerned about your fitness levels?  The options and modifications given in these workouts mean you will be able to complete some or all elements of an exercise.  The instructional language is there to make you feel a sense of achievement regardless of your ability.  Most sessions are taught to promote weight-bearing on your feet, however, if you need to rest your feet, many exercises can be completed from a seat. 

In live sessions you are being supervised - the instructor has got your back!  Progressions and exercise modifications are continuously offered to meet your required level.
Still unsure?  I want to personalise this response so get in touch with your questions / concerns.

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